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Belgique :
Industriezone Zoning Industriel
Au Fonds Race, 24
B 4300 Waremme / Borgworm
Tel : +32(0)19 33.97.97
Fax : +32(0)19 33.97.90

France :
Saint Xandre
4Bis Impasse Des Funambules
17138 Saint Xandre
Tel Portable : +33 (0)7 89 56 69 56
Tel Fix : +33 (0)9 67 77 18 53
Fax : +33(0)9 70 62 80 56

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Import / Export   of Technical-chemical products

Lubricants - adhesives - silicones

Import and storage center for  the ECL's Bio-Degradable lubricants of  PANOLIN AG


Enfin disponible ! Notre additif révolutionnaire pour votre moteur diesel, jusqu'à 7% de consommation en moins et à 95% biodégradable. 
Découvrez le :


Lambert Products NV is specialized in technical-chemical products for use in production processes and industrial maintenance applications.

We assist or provide support for technical problem solutions.



The Company Lambert Products bvba was founded in 1955 and started importing special chemical products from the USA for distribution in the European market.

Step by step, new worldwide suppliers and partners where attracted in order to assist the development of the company. This resulted in continues growth and recognition on de Benelux market and beyond.

To respond to the market situation and to improve customer service, the company started a new construction with higher storage capacities and improved service facilities. At that same time the juridical form changed from bvba to NV.

In 1998 the new construction was completed and the ISO9001 certificate was accomplished.

The new location also improved accessibility: near exit 29 of the highway E40  Brussels-Luik(=Liége) on the industrial site of Borgworm-Waremme.

Today we can offer more than 25 years of experience and continues research for new products and developments on the market.


The main activities can be divided into:


Lubricants                 Food-grade, high temperature, bio-degradable, aviation, long-life, water-resistant..........

Industrial Silicones     RTV silicones, 1 and 2 component products, food-grade, silicone oils and greases.........

Adhesives/sealants     Cayanoacrylate, Anaerobic, Epoxy, ,Methacrylate, Polyurethanes, neoprene......

Related products        Lubricating equipment, application tools for silicone products, automatic lubricating systems.......






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